Safety Lenses

The importance of eye protection in the workplace can never be overemphasized. According to the Prevent Blindness America, 2,000 people per day sustain an eye injury while at work. Sadly, between 10-20% of those injuries result in permanent eye damage or blindness. In many cases, the use of safety glasses could have prevented such injuries.

What are Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses have the sole purpose of protecting eyes against particles that may cause vision damage on impact. Safety lenses come with side shields for added protection. They are usually made of poly carbonate. Safety glasses are much more resistant than normal prescription glasses. Quality safety lenses have to pass ANSI standards of resistance in both low and high impact. In the wearer has a vision deficiency, he can order safety lenses with a prescription. Prescription safety lenses must still be at least 3 mm thick.

What Occupations Require the Use of Safety Lenses?

Some jobs that may require the use of safety glasses include carpenters, millwrights, machinists, pipe fitters and plumbers. Factories may also institute the use of safety glasses for all of their laborers while they are inside the plant. In addition to safety glasses, companies may also require the use of full face protection. While some may view safety glasses as an unnecessary precaution, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Independent contractors may also choose to use safety glasses while working at home. The use of safety glasses is recommended while mowing the lawn, using power tools and operating a power trimmer.

Safety Glasses and Sports

Protecting vision with safety glasses while hunting or sport shooting is always a good idea. Also, while fishing many have ended up with a fish hook in their eye. Sporty safety glasses protect the eyes and can prevent this horrible experience.